TNT Pharmacy & Compounding Center 12505 Beach Bl #A2 Stanton, CA 90680 p:(714)899-1898 f:(714)899-1867     TNT Pharmacy 2 & Compounding Center 705 W. La Veta #110A Orange, CA 92868 p:(714)538-6868 f:(714)538-6865   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A SPECIALIZED SKIN CREAM? The following are AVAILABLE at TNT Pharmacy: TRI-LUMA SQUARIC ACID CANTHARIDIN Common Dermatology Problems and Solutions Aging Spots- At TNT, we have a variety of skin bleaching creams.  Ask about Kligman's formula today!  Anti-perspirant- We offer a wide array of anti-perspirant prescriptions, such as glycopyrrolate which contains no aluminum.  Our pharmacist will work with your physician to compound a prescription that works for you.  Diaper Rash- At TNT, we make a variety of diaper rash creams that help protect your babies' buttocks from moisture while also healing red, irritated skin.  We can also add anti-fungal agents to the Diaper Cream to help treat yeast infections.   Hair Loss- We make a variety of solutions, creams, lotions and gels to help stimulate hair growth for both men and women.  Nail Removal- Urea 40% cream can be used topically to remove a nail from the nail bed safely and without pain.  Psoriasis- We have a large variety of prescriptions used for psoriasis that are both over-the-counter and prescription items.  Our new formulation uses Vitamin B-12 to naturally reduce the symptoms of psoriasis                      All rights and materials reserved 2015 TNT Pharmacy