TNT Pharmacy & Compounding Center 12505 Beach Bl #A2 Stanton, CA 90680 p:(714)899-1898 f:(714)899-1867     TNT Pharmacy 2 & Compounding Center 705 W. La Veta #110A Orange, CA 92868 p:(714)538-6868 f:(714)538-6865   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Do you have problems with nausea & vomiting? TNT Compounding Pharmacists have a SOLUTION for YOU! What does TNT Compounding Pharmacy compound for patients with cancer? TNT Compounding Pharmacy regularly compounds to help relieve the symptoms of cancer. Many patients and doctors prefer the TNT because we can tailor the treatment to a patients unique combination of symptoms. Some of the medications that we regularly formulate include:     Oral, topical, or suppository medications for nausea control     Pilocarpine lollipops for dry mouth     Pain management - topical or oral     Mouth rinses - for mouth sores     Hemorrhoid medications     Topical formulations to help maintain healthy skin     Medications for constipation     If you or a loved one would like to learn more about what we can do to maximize cancer therapies, feel free to contact us or have your doctor give us a call.                            All rights and materials reserved 2015 TNT Pharmacy Oncology