DID YOU KNOW? The following are ways in which we might be able to help your child: CUSTOM FLAVORED ANTIBIOTICS/ ANTIVIRALS- Dozens of available flavors can be added to meet the child's specific needs. LACTOSE/DYE/ GLUTEN/ PRESERVATIVE FREE MEDICATONS- Allows for customization for a patient with specific allergies or due to special health conditions DISCONTINUED MEDICATIONS- When a medication is no longer available, we can recreate the preparation for your child. SUGAR-FREE MEDICATIONS- An alternative for diabetic patients. ADULT FORMULATIONS- We can make adult medications into pediatric doses that is kid friendly. .   Since each child’s size, weight, allergies and drug tolerance are different, TNT Pharmacists can work with you and your child’s pediatrician to make sure that the medication prescribed is taken as directed   and make your child’s experience as enjoyable as possible.  COMPOUNDING FOR GERD & ACID REFLUX IN CHILDREN When your child has GERD or Acid Reflux it can be a stressful, trying time.  The crying, the spitting up, the coughing, the wheezing...it can really wear a parent out.  Although there are several medications on the market to help treat GERD, they can be difficult to dose and even more challenging to administer to children and infants. The pharmacists at TNT Pharmacy have the ability to compound certain medications into flavored oral suspensions.  These suspensions will be customized to your child’s specifications. Examples of medications that a medical provider might prescribe for a child suffering from GERD or Acid Reflux include: Lansoprazole - is a proton pump inhibitor which has shown to be effective in treating children, and infants with GERD. Omeprazole - is a proton pump inhibitor which has shown to be effective in treating children with GERD and erosive esophagitis. Pantoprazole - is a proton pump inhibitor which has shown to be effective in treating children with GERD. Some of the other medication forms we can provide for your child include: pacifier & bottle nipple inserts   liquids   lollipops   popsicles   topical and transdermal creams   suppositories   sublingual troches   capsules effervescent powder packets Medibottle sold at TNT Pharmacy Imagine your baby taking all of their medicine without resistance.  With medibottle, this is exactly what happens! The medibottle® assures delivery of an accurate dose, while at the same time eliminating the upset for both you and your baby.  An Arizona study found that the combined success rate of the four most popular delivery methods was a failing 37%! Medication compliance simply cannot be met under these circumstances and raises the question . . . Why are we willing to spend whatever is necessary on the medicine - and then fall so short in it's delivery? Clinically tested in hospitals, medibottle ranked #1 in effectiveness at 93% vs. the 2nd place oral dispenser at 57%. In addition to receiving the only "A" in the Class, infant acceptance using medibottle was also 329% greater! NumiMed sold at TNT Pharmacy The NumiMed liquid dispenser is an easy, safe and accurate way to administer oral medications and vitamins. It prevents air from being sucked into baby's system and helps babies to swallow more easily without messy spit ups. The clear cup allows you to see and ensure correct dosage. Single doses can be pre-filled for use when needed, at home or away. The picture above describes the various features of the NumiMed dispenser. All rights and materials reserved 2015 TNT Pharmacy