TNT Pharmacy & Compounding Center 12505 Beach Bl #A2 Stanton, CA 90680 p:(714)899-1898 f:(714)899-1867     TNT Pharmacy 2 & Compounding Center 705 W. La Veta #110A Orange, CA 92868 p:(714)538-6868 f:(714)538-6865   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! GET YOUR CUSTOMIZED HORMONE RESTORATION THERAPY! The following are AVAILABLE at TNT Pharmacy: TESTOSTERONE CHRYSIN DHEA THYROID and much more! Men's Health - What is andropause or male menopause? Andropause is a medical phenomenon, similar to the female menopause that can affect men between the ages of 40 and 55.  Unlike women, men do not have a clear-cut signpost such as the cessation of menstruation to mark this transition. Both, however, are distinguished by a drop in hormone levels.  Estrogen in the female, testosterone in the male. What are some signs of the symptoms of andropause?     Decreased strength and endurance     Erectile dysfunction (ED)     Hot flashes     Osteoporosis     Obesity     Muscle loss     Fatigue     Lack of sex drive     Depression     Aches and pains What can I do? Regular exercise and a good diet are essential as well as a good form of stress reduction.  If these are not enough then Hormone Replacement Therapy might be an option.  Hormone Replacement Therapy may help reverse some of the negative effects of low testosterone.  Bio-Identical testosterone is the same molecular structure and might produce the same effects as the free form of testosterone produced by the testes.     TNT Compounding Pharmacists can help you with the following: Erectile dysfunction Low libido Loss of zest for life Prostate and bladder health Aches and pains Fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot or jock itch Hair loss Excessive sweating Chronic bad breath Aging skin All rights and materials reserved 2015 TNT Pharmacy